At Vermeer Southwest we have the parts you need, when you need them.

With $750K of dedicated parts inventory, we are sure to have a part you are looking for in stock and ready to be shipped to you. If we don't have it on our shelves, we will direct ship from the factory to your door. In addition to the products that Vermeer provides, below are our partners in providing the parts you need to get the job done.

Vermeer Borestore


The Vermeer Borestore offers a large selection of underground tooling, delivered directly to you.

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CetcoCETCO provides high-performing products worldwide across a broad range of construction projects, including bentonite-based waterproofing for underground structures and drilling applications including foundation, slurry wall, tunneling, water well, and horizontal drilling.​

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Felling Trailers


Felling continually researches and implements new technologies to reduce lead-time and increase production in the manufacturing plant.

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Customers across aerospace, earthworks, energy, general engineering and transportation trust Kennametal’s innovations in materials science, tooling and wear-resistant solutions.

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Right Turn Supply

Right Turn Supply offers a variety of supplies for the HDD market.

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ProAction Fluids

ProAction Fluids offers a full line of performance tested chemistry for horizontal directional drilling, industrial and oilfield services and also specializes in designing specialty products to meet your needs.

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Silky saws

Leading the industry in both design and innovation, saw users are changing their language in all parts of the world from merely asking for a saw, to asking for a Silky.

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Sherrill Tree


SherrillTree is a business that is all about connecting tree enthusiasts with top quality gear at great prices.

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Our service mechanics are trained and experienced to get you and your equipment back on the job. 

Whether it's routine maintenance on your equipment or a major repair service, you can count on Vermeer Southwest service to get the job done! We understand downtime is not an option so we make it easier on you by providing a service department at each of our five branches and offer you field support. 

At Vermeer Southwest we recognize that the purchase of a machine in only the beginning of a successful business partnership. Backed by a complete comprehensive manufacturers warranty program, we provide total support to make sure your equipment operates with minimal downtime. We offer planned maintenance programs that will not only reduce your overall operating costs but also control cash flow by providing more consistent and predictable costs.

Vermeer offers many tools for you to use for equipment maintenance and proper care of your machines.

My Vermeer

Whether in the office or on-the-go, access personalized information on your equipment when you need it with My Vermeer. Know the details of your equipment through online manuals, parts lists, service maintenance suggestions and more. Sign up below!

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Vermeer Productivity Tools

Access machine or job information quickly with Vermeer productivity tools. Productivity tools uses digital technology to help you manage machine performance and jobsite planning with maintenance and error alerts, equipment location by GPS and productivity such as idle and use time.

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Vermeer Confidence Plus

Manage your expenses and have piece of mind when purchasing new or used Vermeer equipment with Vermeer Confidence Plus Asset Protection Plan. It offers scheduled maintenance plans, detailed machine inspections, and much more. 

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